Ghost Treeless Saddles

Ghost saddles are a  treeless saddle that provides adjustability for horse and rider, good weight distribution, a real twist even on wide horses, and comfort all for a reasonable price.

Check out the Ghost model page for descriptions and pricing.

Ghost saddles are extremely versatile saddles which fit a variety of horses. The Ghost saddle is very stable on most horses and has very good spinal clearance and weight distribution, created by the use of Sympanova panels which create airflow and breathability. There is also a wool bottom option for the panels. These panels have special foam inserts, which can be added to, with additional shims. The panels are adjustable to create the best fit for each horse.

The saddle has a flexible carbon fibre pommel which will accommodate even the widest of horses and the special sliding V girthing system is also adjustable in its position on the horse.  The overall structure of the saddle is self adjusting to each horse and therefore suits many different shapes/sizes/breed of horse, which is great if you have more than one horse to ride!

Ghost saddles are currently being used by trail riders, and endurance riders.They can even be used for low level jumping. The Ghost Saddle company is almost ready to launch its western model saddle, as well as providing wider panels for heavier riders.

With the Ghost saddle riders have the ability to purchase a base and then whatever kind of seat they desire.  There are a number of accessories  available on, as well as instructions on how to fit your saddle.  The saddles is available in a wide range of colors and there is even a vegan option available in lorica material.

We currently have three different models of the Ghost saddle which are available for short trial periods.

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