Who Can Participate?

EAL is designed  and can be tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of individuals and or organization.  EAL has a wide range of educational benefits.  From being used to teach medical school students bedside manners, to assisting non verbal individuals living with autism social skills.

You must be over the age of eight to attend*

It does not depend on the ability to communicate verbally.

Participants must be able to move independently.

Safety is a priority, and participants must wear helmets and closed toed shoes.*

EAL has been helpful for people wanting to work on

  • social skills, teamwork, and building friendships
  • leadership and collaboration
  • social-emotional intelligence
  • communication skills

EAL is not a good fit for every person.  A connection and comfort level has to develop between the participant and the horse.  But the context can be a comfortable setting for many people who have difficulty with person-to-person interactions.


*For insurance purposes.